Hey there!

I’m a certified Squarespace expert who specializes in marketing solutions for fitness and wellness game changers. After graduating with a marketing degree from Kennesaw State University, I fell in love with the fitness and wellness community. When you know, you just know, right? I admire the community of optimistic, charismatic go-getters who dedicate themselves to optimizing people’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and I believe that the movers and shakers of the world need to get their messages out there.

Unfortunately, there’s a gap between the fitness and wellness world and the marketing world. Because of the lack of marketing knowledge, both established brands and innovative entrepreneurs are stuck trusting agencies that don’t speak their language and don’t understand the needs of clients in the fitness and wellness world.

That’s where I come in. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities of this community: the lingo, the early mornings, the high-energy, and the on-the-go lifestyle. And I know you want to see the payoff for all your hard work fast! I build custom marketing solutions—including websites, email campaigns, logos, and branding—for those in the wellness community. So if you’re looking for concierge service and marketing solutions that are both personalized and professional, I’m your girl.